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Oprea, Tudor I. Professor


Over two decades of knowledge and data mining in drug discovery, with focus on translational data science, cheminformatics, drug discovery & repurposing and virtual screening. Fifteen years of conceptual development for chemical space exploration, including leadlike and druglike properties for high-throughput screening and synthesis. Strong biomedical background with previous clinical and pharmaco-physiological training. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. One book as editor (Wiley-VCH), one as author (on molecular modeling; in Romanian), twenty-four book chapters, five granted US patents, three pending patent applications, and over 160 peer-reviewed papers published since 1993.

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  • Drug Discovery, Drug Informatics, Cheminformatics, Machine Learning and QSAR, Lead and Probe Identification. Active research interest in drug discovery, with focus on drug informatics, cheminformatics, virtual screening and drug informatics. Special focus on supporting high throughput flow cytometry, cancer biology, systems chemical biology and target informatics.


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