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Bologa, Cristian G. Research Professor

Dr. Bologa has been involved during the last 10 years in the data management, workflow processing, and the decision making for the discovery of new bioactive compounds in the Division of Biocomputing and Division of Translational Informatics at UNM. He has a broad background and more than 15 years experience in protein and small molecule modeling, screening informatics, chemoinformatics, and SAR for molecular discovery. He had significant contributions in developing and using new methods and tools for discovery of novel small bioactive molecules for integrins (LFA-1 and VLA-4), formyl peptide receptors (FPR-1 and FPRL1), for granularity induction in prostate cancer cell lines (LNCaP and PC3), for the anti-apoptotic member of the Bcl-2 family protein Bcl-B, and a very potent and selective agonist (G‑1) for a membrane estrogen receptor (GPR30). In summary, Dr. Bologa has a broad experience with developing and using innovative methods, tools, and platforms that support information intensive molecular discovery.

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