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Lambert, Christophe G. Associate Professor of Medicine


In August 2014 I became a faculty member in the University of New Mexico Center for Global Health, Division of Translational Informatics and Department of Internal Medicine. My research areas include clinical research informatics, bioinformatics, and systems thinking. My current research focus is analyzing longitudinal healthcare data for predictive and preventative medicine, in collaboration with other members of the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics program. The OHDSI/OMOP common data model has been adopted to represent over 680M patients' electronic health and/or administrative claims records worldwide, enabling the development of a broad set of tools for the analysis of human health on these massive datasets. I am currently developing statistical and computational tools to compare treatment options and obtain better estimates of expected health outcomes despite large biases and confounding in the data, with a focus on bipolar disorder. In July 2016 I received an R21 award to research methods for observational comparative effectiveness research, and a PCORI award to compare bipolar disorder treatments and outcomes in large scale administrative claims data. We are currently using a database of over 1 million bipolar disorder patients to answer questions about the safety and effectiveness of bipolar disorder therapies both short term and over many years of treatment.

In addition I perform bioinformatic analyses of genomics datasets with current projects in pediatric Malaria in collaboration with Dr. DJ Perkins in the Center for Global Health, as well as projects analyzing the genetics of pediatric developmental delay, including Autism. This research builds on and continues nearly 15 years of analytic research in the genetic causes of disease performed during my tenure as founder and CEO of bioinformatics company Golden Helix. I founded the company in 1998 in Bozeman, MT. Golden Helix software and services empowers scientists to accelerate research productivity, determine the genetic causes of disease, facility genetic testing, develop diagnostics and advance the quest for personalized medicine. Serving hundreds of researchers on six continents, its customers include the world’s top pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical and academic research organizations. Golden Helix products and services have been cited in over 1000 peer-reviewed publications. While there, I raised $1.6M in strategic investment capital and was the PI for over $1 million in SBIR research and development funding. I set organizational vision and strategic direction, raised investment capital, authored funded grants, and lead change management efforts. I cultivated a highly capable executive team of managers and managers of managers to carry out business operations, developing and managing organizational systems, including sales & marketing, software development, product management, services delivery, human resources, legal, finance, and customer service. I sustained scientific and thought leadership for the company through publication and speaking, with widely attended webcasts and popular blog articles that advocate for systemic improvement of healthcare and research. I continually engaged in organizational excellence initiatives, integrating multiple systems disciplines for strategic and operational excellence and innovation, including Theory of Constraints, System Dynamics, Requisite Organization, TRIZ, Cybernetics, and the Scientific Method. In 2013 I hired CEO Andreas Scherer to run Golden Helix, and I continue as Chairman of the Board.