iPHACE: integrative navigation in pharmacological space. Academic Article uri icon


  • SUMMARY: The increasing availability of experimentally determined binding affinities for drugs on multiple protein targets requires the design of specific mining and visualization tools that graphically integrate chemical and biological data in an efficient environment. With this aim, we developed iPHACE, an integrative web-based tool to navigate in the pharmacological space defined by small molecule drugs contained in the IUPHAR-DB, with additional interactions present in PDSP. Extending beyond traditional querying and filtering tools, iPHACE offers a means to extract knowledge from the target profile of drugs as well as from the drug profile of protein targets. AVAILABILITY: iPHACE is available at http://cgl.imim.es/iphace/ (EU site) and http://agave.health.unm.edu/iphace/ (US mirror).

publication date

  • January 1, 2010