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Wandinger-Ness, Angela Professor


GTPases, Disease Mechanisms and Therapeutics: Investigating the normal functions of Rab and Rho-family GTPases, their contributions to disease pathology and potential as therapeutic targets.

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  • Rab and Rho GTPases function as molecular switches in the cellular circuitry governing cell behaviors. Upstream signaling cascades feed in to turn on specific GTPases, which in turn couple to downstream effectors that control cell growth, differentiation, adhesion and motility.  Mutation of Rab GTPases or associated regulatory proteins underlies numerous human genetic diseases. Cancer, neurodegeneration and diabetes represent examples of acquired human diseases resulting from the up- or downregulation or aberrant function of Rab and Rho GTPases.

    The Wandinger-Ness laboratory utilizes sophisticated microscopic imaging technologies, flow cytometry, protein biochemistry, cell biology and genomics to address questions related to the pathogenesis and treatment of peripheral neuropathies, ovarian cancer and kidney disease.  New technologies and discoveries have been translated to 6 patents and invention disclosures.  The group is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary with research partners in Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, as well as in the College of Pharmacy, the School of Medicine, and the School of Engineering at the University of New Mexico (UNM).

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  • Teacher Training Certificate Program (BIOM540-544) 2004-Present:

    A 15 cr hr certificate program that emphasizes how people learn, designing learning objectives, course design, assessment and feedback linked to objectives, problem based learning, and practical experience.  The certificate is offered in partnership with the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program and the Teacher and Education Development Office. 11 required credits and 4 elective courses. Co-leader with Dr. Sherry Rogers of team taught program.  Six graduates from the program have gone on to post-doctoral fellowships, IRACDA training programs at NIH, UCSF and UNM (individual trainees detailed below).  Enrollment:  3-12.

    Teacher Education Development  2004-Present:

    The Art of Lecturing and Making Presentations Facilitator (1-2 workshops annually).  Two half-day sessions cover preparation of learning objectives, use of audio-visual aids, using questions effectively, giving and receiving feedback.  A practical 10 min 'lecture' is required on second day.  Feed-back is given by small group of peers and a facilitator and lecture is video-taped for later viewing by presenter.

    PBL Facilitation Education, Master Tutor (1 workshop annually). Two full day workshops covering how people learn, roles, activities and skills of an effective tutor, guidelines of constructive criteria-based feedback.  Includes practical tutorial with a group of students.


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