An investigation of liquid carryover and sample residual for a high-throughput flow cytometer sample delivery system. Academic Article uri icon


  • The phenomenon of intersample contamination in air-segmented continuous-flow assays has been studied for many years, and new uses are being found for these sampling techniques every day. One application that has been developed recently employs a flow cytometer to conduct high-throughput screening assays of biological compounds. We have explored the sources of intersample contamination in the system and shown how methods developed previously can be applied to describe these phenomena. Using a simple model, we were able to accurately measure liquid film thickness in the sample tubing and demonstrate the effects of intersample contamination in a flow cytometer assay. Also, measures have been taken to reduce the level of intersample contamination in cytometric screening assays, helping to make the system a more viable tool for drug screening applications.

publication date

  • January 1, 2004