Physiology and endocrinology of hot flashes in prostate cancer. Academic Article Review uri icon


  • The purpose of this article is to integrate the physiology of the male reproductive system and the role of hormones in the pathophysiology and treatment of prostate cancer. The primary focus is to review hormonal changes associated with androgen ablation treatment and to integrate the available hormonal data into a hypothesis. This review used a systematic search of Medline references from 1990 to 2006. All sources were critically evaluated to arrive at an understanding of androgen deprivation symptoms, such as hot flushes/flashes, and to identify research needed in this area. Research is needed to explore the physiological mechanisms of hot flashes to develop better therapeutic treatment options to ameliorate side effects of hormonal treatment. Studies are needed to investigate all aspects of hot flashes in populations other than those with breast cancer, such as men with prostate cancer, carcinoid tumors, medullary thyroid tumors, pancreatic islet-cell tumors, renal cell carcinoma, and phenochromocytoma.

publication date

  • March 2007