Dorsal column lesions reverse the reduction of homecage activity in rats with pancreatitis. Academic Article uri icon


  • A midline dorsal column (DC) lesion has been shown to be an effective surgical treatment for the relief of pelvic visceral pain in patients. The aim of this study was to examine the effectiveness of a DC lesion for the relief of pancreatitis pain in awake rats. Homecage activity was measured in rats with pancreatitis or sham surgery. Pancreatitis was induced by infusion of glycodeoxycholic acid (10 mM) into the pancreas and intraperitoneal injection of caerulian (72 microg). Homecage activity was also measured in rats with pancreatitis after either a DC lesion of the C1 level of the spinal cord or a sham DC lesion. A significant reduction in rearing behavior was observed in rats with pancreatitis when compared to sham animals. DC lesions reversed this reduction in rearing activity. This study suggests that the DCs are involved in transmitting nociceptive signals from the pancreas to the brain.

publication date

  • December 1997