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Warner, Teddy Research Professor Emeritus

Dr. Teddy Warner continues to teach online courses in the Psychology Department, as well as in the Health Sciences Center. In addition to his doctoral training as a psychologist, he received postdoctoral training in bioethics and research ethics at the Kennedy Institute for Ethics at Georgetown University, the Poynter Center for Ethics at Indiana University, and the Law and Ethics Program at the University of Pittsburgh. He has taught research ethics courses for years in addition to research methods courses. Previously, he served over 35 years on Institutional Review Boards at 4 institutions, and he currently Chairs the IRB Committee in the Psychology Dept. since 2012. Dr. Warner has conducted a wide range of NIH-funded research on topics such as PTSD, effects of trauma on sleep, rural health care, and ethical issues in research, education, and clinical care. During his current partial retirement, he continues providing consultation on ethical and methodological issues in various studies. He also continues analyzing data and publishing articles and chapters, as well as teaching research methods courses. Warner has many years of experience collaborating with many others around the country and in providing consultation on: Ethical issues in research, education and clinical care Applications of multivariate statistics Psychometrics and instrument design and evaluation Assessment of human characteristics and behavior Research design and methodology (both quantitative and qualitative) Survey research

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