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Lovchik, Julie Research Assistant Professor


Primary research interest in better understanding host-pathogen interactions with regard to infectious agents that are considered potential bioweapons.  In particular, a major goal has been to investigate the role of specific B. anthracis virulence genes in the pathophysiology of anthrax.  Also involved in developing and evaluating new vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostic tools against these various potential biothreats. 

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  • Dr. Lovchik’s field of expertise is in the study of host-pathogen interactions, particularly with regard to pathogens that are acquired via the respiratory route.  Her research has included work with animal models of cryptococcosis, influenza, plague, and inhalational anthrax.  She is currently focused on research examining the role(s) of reported virulence factors in the pathogenesis of anthrax utilizing site-directed gene deletion mutants.  In addition, her lab also serves as an NIH testing facility for evaluating the efficacy of potential vaccines and drugs against these various infections.


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