An I2 imidazoline ligand, RS 45041, potentiates hyperalgesia in acute arthritis. Academic Article uri icon


  • Descending inhibition is increased after the induction of inflammation of the knee. The present study investigated whether this effect is mediated through alpha 2-adrenoceptors and/or I2 imidazoline receptors in the rat. An alpha 2-adrenoceptor antagonist, RX 821002, a selective I2 imidazoline ligand, RS 45041, and idazoxan, which has affinity for both these receptor types, were administered. After the induction of acute arthritis by intra-articular injection of kaolin and carrageenan, the agents binding to I2 imidazoline receptors further reduced the paw withdrawal latency to radiant heat beyond that induced by acute arthritis, i.e. these drugs were pronociceptive, potentiating hyperalgesia. These results suggest that I2 imidazoline receptors have an important role to play in modulation of hyperalgesia during acute inflammation. Development of I2 imidazoline drugs may prove useful in the treatment of hyperalgesia.

publication date

  • June 1996