Patterns and sources of information about family melanoma risk among melanoma survivors. Academic Article uri icon


  • Melanoma survivors can play a pivotal role in raising family melanoma risk awareness, but are not always aware of family risk. This study examines patterns and sources of survivors' awareness that first-degree relatives (FDRs) face heightened melanoma risk.Population-based melanoma survivors (n = 170) completed a 15-min telephone interview. Logistic regressions examining covariates were conducted using awareness (yes vs no) of heightened risk to FDRs as the dependent variable.Almost half (41%) were unaware that their FDRs faced heightened melanoma risk. Of those 59% who were aware, most learned this from dermatologists. In multivariable analyses perceived risk and body site remained significant.Many melanoma survivors remain unaware that their FDRs are at melanoma risk. The results underscore the role that dermatologists and other doctors play in fostering risk awareness. Sensitivity to providing family risk information to survivors who have lower risk perceptions, regardless of anatomic site, is warranted.

publication date

  • June 2016