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Janet Page-Reeves, Ph.D., is an research assistant professor in the Office for Community Health in the Department of Family & Community Medicine. She received her PhD from the City University of New York (CUNY) in 1999. She is a cultural anthropologist with training in political economy. Page-Reeves has a strong and unique background in theoretically grounded research and community-based applied work, and a conviction that her anthropological expertise translate into work with socially relevant impact. Her work is infused with an appreciation for the salience of using a political economic approach as a foundation for understanding complex social issues. She have utilized ethnographically inspired methods to conduct collaborative research and engage in applied work in Hispanic and Native communities in New Mexico and Bolivia. Page-Reeves is a member of the Advisory Board for the KUNM initiative on public health and poverty, and in her second term as an appointed member of the New Mexico Committee for the US Commission on Civil Rights.

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