Thrombocytopenia associated with carbamazepine: a case series. Academic Article Case Study uri icon


  • Carbamazepine is increasingly being used in the acute and maintenance treatment of patients with bipolar disorder. Thrombocytopenia represents a serious adverse effect of carbamazepine with which clinicians need to be familiar. The authors describe the course of thrombocytopenia associated with carbamazepine in four patients with bipolar disorder. In all cases, thrombocytopenia appeared 14 to 16 days after the initiation of carbamazepine; also in all cases the platelet count completely recovered within 7 days after the carbamazepine treatment was discontinued. Thrombocytopenia secondary to carbamazepine appears soon after the initiation of treatment and is rapidly followed by recovery after drug discontinuation.

publication date

  • December 1991