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Phillips, John P Professor


After graduation from medical school at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Dr. Phillips completed his first residency in pediatrics at UNM, followed by several years as a member of the general pediatrics faculty, before completing a second residency in pediatric neurology at the University of Minnesota. He was on faculty at Riley Children’s Hospital at the University of Indiana then returned to UNM as Director of Pediatric Rehabilitation. After several years he transitioned to the Department of Neurology where he is now Division Chief of Pediatric Neurology. In addition Dr. Phillips is Medical Director of the Mind Research Network. His clinical expertise is in caring for children with developmental disabilities, which has included a longstanding involvement with orphaned children in Eastern Europe and Russia.  His publications come from research interests in two general areas: 1) neuroimaging of brain/behavioral relationships in very young children and 2) ethical principles underlying research conduct. 

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