No one can deny the immeasurable impact that teachers make on the lives of young people. I am very passionate about teaching and committed to making meaningful contributions to the growth of my students. As a teacher, I hope to be a role model that not only provides the students with knowledge but rather instills in them the passion for lifelong learning and provides them with the belief in ones capacity to make positive contributions to the society. I had always wanted to work in an academic institution as it provides one with the opportunity to not only teach others but also to learn from others. It also provides an opportunity to be updated with the new advances in the ever changing world of medicine. Over the past four years, I have worked with medical students, interns and residents as they rotate through their Medical ICU rotation. I am responsible for scheduling their daily teaching sessions and have planned prepared and delivered educational activities. I have done Thursday school lectures for internal medicine residents. I am also responsible for providing feedback to the interns and residents. Currently, I am updating the Medical ICU guidebook for the third time. This guidebook provides trainee physicians with the current literature in the management of the critically ill patients. Access Service uri icon