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Orehek, Heidi Student Success Coach and Lecturer I


Heidi Orehek, MSN, RN, CNE, graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree from Grand Canyon University in 1996. After graduation, she worked as an Army Nurse Corps Officer for 4 years and then continued her career as a civilian working in the maternal-child and community health specialties. She graduated with her Master of Science in Nursing degree, with an emphasis in Nursing Education, from Grand Canyon University in 2012, after discovering her passion for teaching nursing students. She has taught both didactically and clinically since 2013 and currently holds the position of student success coach for the Pre-Licensure BSN students in The University of New Mexico College of Nursing. She is also the program director for the American Indians Into Nursing Grant, which works to provide Native American students with scholarships and support within the College.

Orehek is a certified nurse educator and is currently working on her Doctor of Philosophy degree in nursing education and administration.

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