Intraosseous infusion of dobutamine and isoproterenol. Academic Article uri icon


  • Intraosseous infusion has been advocated as an emergency route in sick infants and children when intravenous access is not readily obtainable. Dobutamine hydrochloride and isoproterenol hydrochloride are useful emergency drugs that have not been studied when administered into the bone marrow. In a swine model, we compared the physiologic responses (heart rate, arterial pressure, and cardiac output) of dobutamine and isoproterenol infusions delivered intravenously and intraosseously during 20-minute intervals. We observed statistically significant effects of both dobutamine and isoproterenol delivered by the intraosseous route. In addition, the effects resulting from intraosseous infusion were statistically similar to those resulting from intravenous administration of these drugs. We conclude that the intraosseous infusion of dobutamine and isoproterenol is an effective and useful method for emergency administration of these medications.

publication date

  • January 1, 1991