A model of mentorship in occupational therapy: the leadership of a. Jean ayres. Academic Article uri icon


  • Over a period of 30 years, Dr. A. Jean Ayres conducted and disseminated research related to the theory and practice of sensory integration. The Center for the Study of Sensory Integrative Dysfunction was established to promote Ayres' research with 66 faculty members recruited by 1982. To describe how Dr. Ayres may have influenced the occupational therapy profession, a survey was conducted to document the scholarly/leadership productivity of Sensory Integration faculty. Of the 66 faculty members, 48 were located and sent survey packets. The return rate was 79% (n = 38). Respondents documented their productivity in eight categories and answered 18 questions about their leadership qualities. Ninety-seven percent of respondents indicated that Ayres had professionally influenced them. Fifty-one percent of respondents had doctorate degrees with 78% reported having academic teaching experience. This group of 38 professionals had produced 438 peer-reviewed articles, 707 nonpeer-reviewed publications, and 265 grants. Ayres' legacy is continued with the scholarly work of the Sensory Integration faculty who received professional mentorship.

publication date

  • January 1, 2009