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Valdez, Jessica, Marie Assistant Professor


I am a pediatric hematologist/oncologist that cares for and treats pediatric cancers, pediatric hematological diseases and have a particular interest in pediatric cancer predisposition. I play an active role in the clinical care of patients and in performing procedures related to my subspecialty.  Clinically, within our division, I have a particular focus on patients with the diagnosis of solid tumors, including soft tissue sarcomas, bone sarcomas, and brain tumors.  My research focus is in pediatric cancer predisposition, specifically in the relationship between clinical genomics and its translation to clinical care. I am interested in identification of genomic etiologies of pediatric cancers and the development screening methodologies for patients with a genetic predisposition. I also have a particular interest in the communication of genomic test results and their understanding from the patient and the parent perspective.

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  • Jessica, MD, MPH Marie Valdez