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Katira, Kiran Faculty Member


Kiran Katira, Ph.D., is an East-African, Asian-Indian woman, born in Kenya and raised in England. She received her Ph.D. in racial ideology through the department of Educational Thought and Socio-Cultural Studies at the University of New Mexico. For the past nineteen years she has worked and served with local community organizers and leaders through the University of New Mexico's Community Engagement Center. She now facilitates the growth and development of diverse students who apprentice with strong community leaders at the center. Kiran is on the advisory board for the Institute for the Study of Race and Social Justice and she served as the inaugural chair for the Provost's Diversity Council at UNM. She is on several governing boards, including ones for the NM Asian Family Center and Dorn Charter Community School. Kiran is a national trainer with the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond, where she conducts undoing racism workshops across the nation. She also works with local community leaders to bring these workshops to students, staff, faculty and community members here in New Mexico. She also teaches university courses, which focus on anti-racist education, peace and justice, and critical multicultural education.

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  • Dr. Kiran Katira