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Pandhi, Nancy Tenured Professor


I am a practicing family physician, tenured professor, and mixed methods health services researcher. Particular areas of focus are vulnerable subpopulations, delivery system transformation, and health experiences. I currently lead the Integrating Special Populations function for the UNM CTSC, serve as Vice-Chair of Research in my Department, and am a faculty affiliate at our Center for Native American Health. In these roles, I engage in research leadership, program development and administration, and mentoring and education.

My recent research efforts have focused on establishing and implementing the international DIPEx research methodology in the United States. These methods offer a systematic process to understand patients’ diverse experiences of illness through rigorous and systematic qualitative research methods. This understanding can then be translated into research interventions, improved care quality, education, and policy. I was Co-PI for the first US study that implemented this approach in order to examine the experiences of young adults with depression. Beyond publications in high impact journals, to date, there have been ~150,000 public users of the associated web-based module. These web-based modules are developed using systematic qualitative research methods further detailed on the healthexperiencesusa.org website. Prior funded research has focused on more traditional health services research approaches including investigations into core attributes of care delivery such as continuity of care, access to care, care quality, and primary care transformation.

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