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Konstantinov, Konstantin Professor


Dr. Konstantin N. Konstantinov completed his MD and PhD at the Academy of Medicine, Sofia.  His medical and laboratory training in 3 different countries (Bulgaria, Denmark, and the US) led to a doctorate in Dermatology and Clinical Immunology, Board Certifications in three subspecialties (Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Rheumatology) and experience in basic immunology and translational clinical research. His work at The State Serum Institute, Copenhagen, The Autoimmune Disease Center at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, and Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, shaped his career as a rheumatologist and autoimmune disease expert.


In 2003 Dr. Konstantinov joined the University of New Mexico where now he is a Professor of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology. His clinical and research interests continue to focus on identification of novel autoantibodies and biomarkers for autoimmune diseases, the development of innovative diagnostic technologies, and the relationship of the autoimmune response to disease mechanisms. In 2016 he moved full-time to the VA Division of Rheumatology in Albuquerque, where he continues clinical work and teaching of medical and advance rheumatological training at all levels of professional education.