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Ford, Corey Sr. Associate Dean for Research


Corey C. Ford, MD, PhD is a Professor of Neurology and Interim Sr. Associate Dean for Research.  His area of clinical specialty is multiple sclerosis and neuroimmunology. He has participated in over 50 clinical trials of new treatments for MS and also has a collaborative research project with Sandia National Laboratories in blast-associated traumatic brain injury.  Other roles include co-director of the UNM Brain and Behavioral Health Institute. The BBHI seeks to develop strong capabilities for community outreach and intervention for neurological, psychiatric and developmental disorders.  The UNM HSC has a Vision 2020 initiative that seeks to improve the health care and access to care of New Mexicans more than any other state by 2020.  Through the BBHI and this CoBRE, we will add brain and behavioral health to the list of health needs in NM to be improved by 2020. He is director of the Regulatory Knowledge and Support component of our Clinical and Translational Science Center that is tasked to create a coordinated infrastructure to encourage innovative and pioneering clinical and translational research.  Part of his role in the Office for Research is oversight of human research protections, regulatory training, research administration and compliance oversight for all HSC research activities.

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  • The research efforts of the MS Specialty Clinic are centered on the search for new and better therapies for multiple sclerosis. Our clinical trials program has successfully performed over 25 studies, many leading to new, approved treatments for MS and extending the understanding of this difficult disease. The MS clinical and research program supports a team including two physicians, an advanced practice nurse, a nurse coordinator, a research coordinator, and several work study students. Other research interests are in magnetic resonance imaging applications to neurological diseases. Some current and recent research studies include stroke and vascular dementia, multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus. We are also engaged in a collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories on a project to simulate traumatic brain injury using high performance computing resources and computer impact modeling software programs.