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Rosenberg, Martina Person

Rosenberg received her MSc (1992) and PhD (2000) in biochemistry from Freie Universitaet in Berlin, Germany. After moving to the US she first studied signal transduction in cancer biology and then fetal alcohol-related learning disorders of learning and memory. During that time she rekindled her interest in the scholarship of teaching and learning in the STEM-H disciplines and made the transition from bench work to discipline-based education research. She joined UNM in 2000 as a research scientist and became part of the education faculty in 2012.

Rosenberg’s research is in curricular improvements and student success. After basic biomedical research in the fields of signal transduction and fetal alcohol-related learning disorders, she shifted her emphasis to teaching, curricular development and discipline-based education research. Her interests include the connection of the neurobiology of learning and educational strategies, in particular metacognitive processes in peer-to-peer learning.

She is an American Society of Microbiology Research Residency in Education Scholar, an enthusiastic faculty mentor and a regular facilitator for the National Academies/HHMI Summer Institute on Undergraduate Education in Biology.

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