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Romero-Leggott, Valerie Vice Chancellor


Romero-Leggott has been a primary care provider for many years on the forefront of treating populations burdened by socio-economic, racial and ethnic disparities. She graduated medical school and completed her Family Medicine residency training at the University of New Mexico. Romero-Leggott is a native New Mexican with strong roots in her cultural heritage. Romero-Leggott serves as a leader, convener and collaborator. She has forged important bridges between the UNM Health Sciences Center and New Mexico community groups and created cross-disciplinary programs across academic units. She also serves in numerous advisory and leadership roles at the institutional, state, regional and national levels for health and educational organizations. Her professional interests are adolescent medicine, diverse populations, education pipeline, and enhancing a culturally sensitive & linguistically competent, diverse, and prepared health workforce to improve health and health equity. 

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