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Bryan, Tyrel Lecturer III


Tyrel Bryan holds a B.S in Chemistry from the University of New Mexico (2009) and a Ph.D in Chemistry from the University of New Mexico (2014). His doctorate work focused on biophysical analysis of the Rossmann-fold my measuring the impact of strategic residue substitutions, or in the case the two domain-HADs, the impact of cap domain swapping, on native conformation, stability and function. As a postdoc, Bryan has solved enzyme crystal structures by neutron (and x-ray) diffraction and has analyzed conformational dynamics of multi-domain enzymes in solution, using small angle x-ray scattering techniques (SAXS). After finishing his postdoctoral fellowship and before joining UNM's BMB faculty in 2019, Bryan spend time as a visiting lecture and research assistant in Dr. Lina Cui’s laboratory in the Chemistry department at the University of New Mexico and supervisor of the New Mexico Breath Alcohol Program.