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Hill, Deirdre Assistant Professor


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  • An important focus of my work is to develop greater understanding of the 1.6-fold increased risk of breast cancer death among Hispanic vs. non-Hispanic women in New Mexico, the largest known such disparity in Hispanics. As part of an NIH-funded R01, we are currently collecting extensive treatment information from the medical charts of over 2000 women to comprehensively address this question and identify possible prevention strategies. In addition, we are examining tumor aggressiveness markers, and assessing ancestry informative. Another important focus of my work is to understand benign breast conditions that may or may serve as precursors to breast cancer. I am following a cohort of women with premalignant breast disease (n=16,000) for breast cancer. Through examination of tissue biomarker expression in those that went on to cancer, vs. not, this study is poised to make a vital contribution to identification of women at short-term high-risk of breast cancer. Another important focus of my work is a series of collaborations within the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium (BCSC), which provide rich opportunities to contribute to the vital goals of optimizing breast cancer screening strategies, and improving radiologist interpretation of mammograms. As a co-investigator on the BCSC “Risk-Based Breast Cancer Screening in Community Settings”, an NIH PO1, I am overseeing assessment of mammography and MRI utilization in comparison with national guidelines. In the BCSC-initiated randomized clinical trial, “Strategies to Improve the Accuracy of Mammographic Interpretation I am working with BCSC investigators to evaluate the influence of several factors on intervention performance. As principal investigator of the NM Mammography Project, a BCSC effort that began in NM in 1992, I facilitate ongoing data analyses at the local and consortia level.


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