Incidence, hemodynamic, and electrical characteristics of spreading depolarization in a swine model are affected by local but not by intravenous application of magnesium. Academic Article uri icon


  • The aim was to characterize the effects of magnesium sulfate, using i.v. bolus and local administration, using intrinsic signal imaging, and on electrocorticographic activity during the induction and propagation of spreading depolarizations in the gyrencephalic porcine brain. Local application of magnesium sulfate led to a complete inhibition of spreading depolarizations. One hour after washing out the topical magnesium sulfate, re-incidence of the spreading depolarizations was observed in 50% of the hemispheres. Those spreading depolarizations showed attenuation in hemodynamic characteristics and speed in intrinsic optical signal imaging. The electrical amplitude decreased through electrocorticographic activity. Intravenous magnesium therapy showed no significant effects on spreading depolarization incidence and characteristics.© The Author(s) 2016.

publication date

  • December 2016