The new 6-unit individualized curriculum for pediatric residents: the perspective of neonatology fellowship program directors. Academic Article uri icon


  • Starting in 2013, all pediatric residents entering fellowship must be provided six educational units whose structure is to be determined by their individual career plans. We sought to determine whether (1) neonatology fellowship program directors (PDs) consistently identify certain weaknesses among incoming fellows and (2) neonatology fellowship PDs agree on the most beneficial activities in which pediatric residents should participate to improve preparation for entry into neonatology fellowships.We sent a 21-question survey focused on the structure and implementation of the 6-unit curriculum to all members of the Organization of Neonatology Training Program Directors.Sixty-seven percent of PDs responded. Seventy-five percent cited insufficient procedural skills as the primary weakness of incoming fellows. More than 80% rated additional training in clinical neonatology, including procedural and resuscitation training, as 'beneficial' or 'highly beneficial'. In contrast, fewer than 40% of PDs gave the same positive ratings to activities broadly focused on scholarship.The results of the survey may help guide pediatric residency programs as they undertake development of these new curricular initiatives for individual residents entering neonatology.

publication date

  • January 1, 2013