Recognition and functional activation of the human IgA receptor (FcalphaRI) by C-reactive protein. Academic Article uri icon


  • C-reactive protein (CRP) is an important biomarker for inflammatory diseases. However, its role in inflammation beyond complement-mediated pathogen clearance remains poorly defined. We identified the major IgA receptor, Fc?RI, as a ligand for pentraxins. CRP recognized Fc?RI both in solution and on cells, and the pentraxin binding site on the receptor appears distinct from that recognized by IgA. Further competitive binding and mutational analysis showed that Fc?RI bound to the effector face of CRP in a region overlapping with complement C1q and Fc? receptor (Fc?R) binding sites. CRP cross-linking of Fc?RI resulted in extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) phosphorylation, cytokine production, and degranulation in Fc?RI-transfected RBL cells. In neutrophils, CRP induced Fc?RI surface expression, phagocytosis, and TNF-? secretion. The ability of CRP to activate Fc?RI defines a function for pentraxins in inflammatory responses involving neutrophils and macrophages. It also highlights the innate aspect of otherwise humoral immunity-associated antibody receptors.

publication date

  • 2011