Atrial natriuretic peptide effect on NADPH-diaphorase in rat intestinal tract. Academic Article uri icon


  • Histochemical reaction of NADPH-diaphorase (NOS-NADPH-d) was used to identify NO synthesis. A 30-min 0.1 microg microg/kg/min ANP infusion led to about a 10% and 35% increase in small and large intestine enterocytes stain respectively. This increase was abolished by a bolus of 1 mg/kg L-NAME before ANP infusion in small intestine, and partially abolished it in colon. Incubation of small and large intestine with 0.5 microM ANP increased stain at about 20%. In both tissues the preincubation with 0.1 mM L-NAME abolished the ANP effect. Incubation with 0.1 mM 8-Br-cGMP enhanced staining about 70% and 30% in small and large intestine respectively. Our results show that ANP enhances NOS-NADPH-d activity, suggesting that ANP stimulates NO synthase in enterocytes by L-arginine-NO pathway. 8-Br-cGMP mimicked the effect of ANP described above. Therefore, the guanylate cyclase-coupled natriuretic receptors, NPR-A and NPR-B, probably mediate this ANP effect.

publication date

  • January 1, 1999