Safety and Pharmacokinetics of Multiple Dose myo-Inositol in Preterm. Academic Article uri icon


  • Preterm infants with RDS given inositol had reduced BPD, death and severe ROP. We assessed the safety and pharmacokinetics(PK) of daily inositol to select a dose providing serum levels previously associated with benefit, and to learn if accumulation occurred when administered throughout the normal period of retinal vascularization.Infants =29wks GA (n=122, 14 centers) were randomized and treated with placebo or inositol at 10, 40 or 80mg/kg/day. Intravenous administration converted to enteral when feedings were established, and continued to the first of 10 weeks, 34weeks PMA or discharge. Serum collection employed a sparse sampling population PK design. Inositol urine losses and feeding intakes were measured. Safety was prospectively monitored.At 80mg/kg/day mean serum levels reached 140mg/L, similar to Hallman's findings. Levels declined after 2 weeks, converging in all groups by 6 wks. Analyses showed a mean volume of distribution 0.657 L/kg, clearance 0.058 L/kg/hr, and half-life 7.90 hr. Adverse events and co-morbidities were fewer in the inositol groups, but not significantly so.Multiple dose inositol at 80mg/kg/day was not associated with increased adverse events, achieves previously effective serum levels, and is appropriate for investigation in a Phase 3 trial.Pediatric Research (2016); doi:10.1038/pr.2016.97.

publication date

  • April 2016