Febrile neutropenia and its associated hospitalization in breast cancer patients on docetaxel-containing regimen: A retrospective cohort study on duration of prophylactic GCSF administration. Academic Article uri icon


  • To compare febrile neutropenia (FN) incidence and hospitalization among breast cancer patients on docetaxel with no granulocyte colony-stimulating factors (GCSF) primary prophylaxis (PP), 4/5-day PP, or 7-day PP.We identified 3916 breast cancer patients using docetaxel-cyclophosphamide (TC), doxorubicin-cyclophosphamide then docetaxel (AC-T), fluorouracil-epirubicin-cyclophosphamide then docetaxel (FEC-T), docetaxel-carboplatin-trastuzumab (TJH), or docetaxel-doxorubicin-cyclophosphamide (TAC) from a hospital pharmacy dispensing database in Hong Kong between 2014 and 2016. Patients were offered GCSF within 5 days since administering docetaxel. Outcomes included FN incidence, time to first hospitalization, hospitalization rate, and duration.In TC regimen, FN incidence (with odds ratio, OR) of patients with no PP, 4/5-day PP, and 7-day PP was 21.69%, 7.95% (OR 0.31, p < 0.001), and 5.33% (OR 0.20, p < 0.001), respectively. In TJH regimen, FN incidence of patients with no PP, 4/5-day PP, and 7-day PP was 38.26%, 8.33% (OR 0.15, p < 0.001), and 8.57% (OR 0.15, p < 0.001), respectively. FN incidence of patients on AC-T regimen with no PP and 4/5-day PP was 20.93% and 6.84%, respectively (OR 0.28, p = 0.005); with FEC-T regimen, the incidence was 9.91% and 4.77%, respectively (OR 0.46, p = 0.035). Only 3.27% FN cases were not hospitalized. Mean (±standard deviation, SD) time to first hospitalization was 8.21 ± 2.44 days. Mean (±SD) duration of hospitalization for patients with no PP, 4/5-day PP, and 7-day PP was 4.66 ± 2.60, 4.37 ± 2.85, and 5.12 ± 2.97 days, respectively.GCSF prophylaxis in breast cancer patients on docetaxel could reduce FN incidence and hospitalization. 4/5-day PP demonstrated similar efficacy to 7-day PP with superior saving benefits on healthcare expenditure.

publication date

  • August 2020