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Partridge, Donald Faculty Member


My research uses electrophysiological and Ca2+ imaging techniques to investigate mechanisms of synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus and striatum. In particular, we have focused on mechanisms of paired pulse facilitation, synaptic frequency filtering, and the regulation of residual Ca2+ in presynaptic terminals

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  • Short term synaptic plasticity plays an important role in nervous system signaling.  My research has focused on paired pulse facilitation and frequency filtering at synapses in the striatum and hippocampus.  My lab uses techniques of calcium imaging, whole cell patch clamping, and field potential recording to investigate pre- and postsynaptic cellular mechanisms responsible for these forms of plasticity.

teaching overview

  • BIOM 509 Introduction to Neurobiology
      Course director and instructor for electrophysiology sections

    BIOM 537 Ion Channels
      Course director and instructor

    BIOM 533 Neurophysiology/Neuroanatomy
      Co-director and instructor for neurophysiology section

    Phase I Neuroscience
      Instructor for electrophysiology and neurophysiology and small group tutor


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