Start, stop, and continue: Preliminary insight into the appeal of self-injury e-communities. Academic Article uri icon


  • Nonsuicidal self-injury e-communication has gained heightened empirical and public interest. This is the first study to examine possible motives for nonsuicidal self-injury e-communication. A total of 68 nonsuicidal self-injury e-community members responded to open-ended questions concerning reasons for starting, temporarily stopping, and continuing nonsuicidal self-injury e-communication. Results from a thematic analysis indicated that being motivated to obtain support, get nonsuicidal self-injury help, help others, and better understand nonsuicidal self-injury represented motives for starting nonsuicidal self-injury e-communication. For some, negative interactions and accessing triggering material contributed to e-communication stoppage; these individuals continued e-communication to get support and help. Implications for research and e-outreach are discussed.

publication date

  • April 2014